Panorama in Winter

The quiet winter days with the valuable sunshine and a fire are what make stays in the Hills so refreshing

Wide open spaces

The Hanging Man

Benjamin is our tree-surgeon (or plain old pruner) when it comes to keeping our trees in good shape.

Here he is taking out some mistletoe, not all of it but those he can reach and only on select trees.

Native Grasses Project in Summer Sun

Hi, we have the Grasses Project well underway now and I have wanted to take some photos in good light, on a day like…today!

The area is about five acres in size and is mainly planted with Spotted Gum but there are well over thirty species of native grass here now. I like them because of their colour.


A Marquee for Barrenjoey

I have created a new page called ‘Weddings’ for anyone wanting to see what else was done on this day.

Looking across the lawn to the Main House.
This is a 6 x 10 metre marquee, the chairs are all ours but the umbrellas were hired.