The Gardens

Surrounding the house and cottage are acres of gardens; they are a combination of large, mature trees, smaller native shrubs and potted colour, along with expansive areas of lawn.

Barrenjoey is an active AgroForestry concern and our focus in those areas has been maintaining our native gums.

We also have developed a small orchard, plus we have a large veggie area for vegetables and herbs (which guests are welcome to use).

There are multiple areas around the house to sit and enjoy the beauty of the area and the views; to listen to and watch the beautiful selection of birdlife, or to simply be surrounded by the sound of silence!

Native birdlife is abundant, from sulphur crested cockatoos and other parrots to kookaburras and to small, fragile finches, and our resident blue wrens are testament to how one can become quite mesmerised with bird watching!

Different varieties of Adelaide Hills frogs happily croak nearby in our ponds, and our resident mob of kangaroos are at home wherever they may be grazing on the property. The distant calls from cows and sheep can often be heard from our neighbouring properties.