The Forest

Planted in 2001, our agro-forest trees are developing well. Four Eucalypt Species: the Sydney Blue Gum, Tassie Blue Gum, Spotted Gum and Sugar Gum were chosen for this particular project. Considerable and careful thinning has taken place over the years to create a more natural forest environment. A Native Grasses project is also underway, with over sixty species introduced over the last few years.

Amongst the forest trees stand two huge River Red-Gums, beautiful giants which are remarkable. They are massive in size and worth visiting as both are as big as this species can get. They are in excellent shape for their age, being undamaged and perfectly balanced. They are living relics of an ancient past.

We are involved with two projects being undertaken with the Upper Torrens Natural Resource Land Management team to increase species diversity and generally adding value to the natural environment. Both are around five acres in size, one being a restoration of native vegetation and the other a native grasses trial.