The Forest

Started in 2001, our agro-forest is developing well. Four Eucalypt Species: Sydney Blue Gum, Tassie Blue Gum, Spotted Gum and Sugar Gum were chosen. Considerable thinning has taken place with care to create a more natural forest envirionment, as well, a Native Grasses project is underway and we will see over sixty species introduced later this year.

Amongst the forest trees there stands two especially big River Red-Gums, ancient giants, which are remarkable, massive in size and worth visiting, both being as big as this species can get. Both are in excellent shape for their age, undamaged and perfectly balanced. Stupendous. I encourage you to visit them.

Actually we have two projects with the Natural Resouce Management team going on at present to increase species diversity and generally adding value to the natural environment. Both are around five acres in size, one being a restoration of native vegetaion, the other a Native Grasses Trial.

We have three dams, one large and two small. The main is good for yabbies and, depending on the moon, with careful choice of bait, people have some success.