Native Grasses Project in Summer Sun

Hi, we have the Grasses Project well underway now and I have wanted to take some photos in good light, on a day like…today!

The area is about five acres in size and is mainly planted with Spotted Gum but there are well over thirty species of native grass here now. I like them because of their colour.


A Marquee for Barrenjoey

I have created a new page called ‘Weddings’ for anyone wanting to see what else was done on this day.

Looking across the lawn to the Main House.
This is a 6 x 10 metre marquee, the chairs are all ours but the umbrellas were hired.

Wishing Well


On my visit to Mt Pleasant the other day I found an old stone well just off the main road in town.

I stopped to take a picture in the pale winter light. Winter light is good for photographs as there a no strong shadows.

Stone artisan from previous time.

Honesty Box at Kersbrook

honesty box4
Kersbrook Honesty Box

Hi, I have been wanting to do something on the honesty box for some time, it’s a small diversion on my way to the farm and I need an excuse to go that way. I had a good reason yesterday, the light was good! It’s winter now and the lack of shadow makes for good photography.

honesty box3

Kersbrook is only a few kilometres from Barrenjoey Hideaway in the direction of Gawler, the view of the country as you descend from Checker Hill road like a cessna coming in to land.

honesty box2

So here, in this rich landscape, is a tin shed. The honesty box is, well, box-like and well stocked.




Middleton Beach

Surf & Sun Surf School

There is a good surfing beach an hour or so from Barrenjoey. We went down today. The drive will take you past Hahndorf through to Mt Barker and then to Strathalbyn.

Middleton Beach is one of the best beaches to learn to surf, anywhere. This is because the fine sand packs down hard and flat to create a safe beginners environment.

A few kilometres either side of Middleton is Port Elliot and Goolwa. Both worth a visit.

Kersbrookhill Winery

I want to say something about this cellar door as it is handy to Barrenjoey Hideaway and, though close, is an exciting drive over Checker Hill Road. I say over as it is high. Cyclists love it for that reason. A great view of the area to be had from ‘up there’.

Acoustic Music events are held here on occasion, their website can be found hereĀ  Kersbrookhill Winery

The winery is also near a great ‘honesty box’ friut and veggie stall on which I will do a separate post.